Photo by caleb frith on unsplash

Photo by caleb frith on unsplash

Why I Love Body Wisdom

(And You Should, Too!)

By Susan Johnson

We spend a great deal of time running through life taking care of work, family, relationships, everyone and everything but ourselves.  We were born with an innate body wisdom that guides us and yet in the busyness we stop listening.  This is where psychological and physical issues enter into our lives.  We become so busy that we don’t stop to eat, rest, be present with others or have fun in life.  Finding ourselves caught up in the rat race of life can leave us without passion, fire, or zeal for life.  Add any type of health issue onto that and you have a recipe for hopelessness and exhaustion.

I have a client that would be called to speak in very nice places around the country and instead of taking time to see some of the beauty around her while she was speaking, she would go, speak and go home.  She would keep working, keep pushing, until she was no longer able to be present in her own thoughts and to people and environment around her. Her health began to worsen as she was caught in the mundane of a fast-paced life. 

As depressing as all of this sounds, it is really just your body’s way of signaling you.  Each symptom is telling you something about what you need to be doing with your mind, body and your life. It’s an opportunity to listen to what you need in your life, to get support and “nutrify” your body, mind and spirit.  One of the great opportunities in life is to get back to listening to your own innate ability to know exactly what you need (what I would call your body wisdom).

When I began working with my client I made a point of helping her not to judge herself, but to be curious about why she was so busy and why she was ignoring her own innate wisdom.  As we pulled back the psychological layers and dug deep she got to the core reason and was able to get back in touch with herself and others, becoming more aware of herself and her surroundings.  She is now able to have fun, be present for herself and others, and take care of her body.

Her example is perfect because she learned that by really listening to herself and doing what she needed to do, she has been able to not only get everything done (that she thought she couldn’t without pushing herself to exhaustion) but she is able to delegate tasks she doesn’t need to be doing and is having fun!

Simple changes in life, as well as that awareness of self and others and most importantly, awareness of your own body wisdom will begin to bring that much needed peace of mind, body and spirit back to a wearied soul.  Are you ready to listen, to hear that inner whisper that is uniquely your own?  Be still, take a deep breath and start on that journey back to wholeness.  Now is your time!


Susan Johnson of Invigorated, is an international Vibrant Living Coach, and speaker.  You can connect with Susan on Facebook:, LinkedIn:, email:, or