The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Stress Reduction

By Susan Johnson

Chronic fear and stress can lead to many issues, such as lack of energy, focus, and chronic health conditions.  In fact, chronic fear about life and its struggles puts stress on our body and mind, which poorly effects almost every system in the body, such as digestive and immune systems.  It promotes aging, stroke and heart attack.  Because of this, stress reduction needs to be a priority.  Feb 23, 2017 the American Psychological Association’s survey showed that constant use of technology is causing higher stress levels:  Add a fast-paced society with high demands, deadlines, monetary and other fears, poor nutrition and self-care and you have the perfect recipe for declining health. 

Want the ultimate cheat sheet?  Start with mindfulness.  Mindfulness is a great way to become aware of what your natural body wisdom is trying to tell you.  We all know what we need to be doing to be mentally and physically healthy; but in our stressed state, we aren’t always listening! Listen, and if your body is telling you to take a break, take the break.  How are you breathing?  Are you breathing a slow, deep breath, or are they shallow quick breaths?  Even when we are stressed we can feel calmer with deep breathing, even if the breathing is only done deeply for two consecutive minutes.  In fact, breathing deeply for two minutes before a meal will help the body digest the nutrients more efficiently! Get your body moving!  A moderate exercise helps individuals with stress and to lower blood pressure and weight.  High stress produces more of a hormone called cortisol and causes weight gain.  Exercise helps to reduce the stress and the weight, a two for one benefit!  Get a wellness coach. Coaching is considered an excellent way to support and promote long lasting life changes for great mental and physical health.  This change is created through tools, worksheets, tips, guidance, nutritional recommendations, mindset coaching and lifestyle mindfulness. Coaching shines by getting people back in touch with their own body wisdom, providing the right support, structure and accountability to set them up for inevitable success.  The AMA Wire, on May 18, 2016 stated that “…trained health coaches can…advance lifestyle changes, prevention and patient health.” Clients have stated that they are able to work through what is holding them back from having the best health and most mindful lifestyle that they can have.  Walking the path to a healthier life translates to more energy and focus, less illness, less psychological concerns, overall peace, well being and satisfaction.

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Susan Johnson of Invigorated, is a Dallas-based Vibrant Living Coach, and speaker.  You can connect with Susan on Facebook:, LinkedIn:, email:,, or by phone M-F from 8am-5pm at 520-405-3403.