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Facing the Fear of Starting Over

by Keitha Story-Stephenson, PhD

    It is never easy to begin again. Walking away from the familiar and venturing into the unknown is always intimidating and scary. Or at least, it seems that way. We forget that we have life experience. Starting over happens everyday, one decision at a time. We have walked this path many times.

    Fear should never be the excuse you use to cut short living the life you desire, the life you dream of every day. Learn to live in the possibilities not the dread. The only thing that is ever guaranteed is that if you do nothing, you will be the same. Taking a chance on the unknown opens doors that lead to new destinations and adventures. It is this journey that is true living.

    One fear that must be overcome is the fear of failure. While starting over can be life defining, it is always worth the chance. You must never let your own personal doubts tie you down to goals that have served their time. People change and time moves on. Resist the comfortable and learn new things about your dreams and abilities. That alone is a success, not a failure.

    Drop your fear of age or lack of training.  It is never too late to be all you can be. Today is the youngest you will ever be. Start now and be open to new ideas and directions. As to training, open your eyes. The world is changing and no one is  ‘trained’ in new technology. Jump in the deep water.

    This is the place that age is truly a plus. You learn for specific reasons and process in your best  method of learning. Think of all that you have lived through and the lessons you have learned. You are not starting over. You are simply making a turn on the journey of life. 

    Enjoy the ride. See the sights. Imagine again. Let go of unhealthy fears and embrace the new that stands before you. Starting over is being reborn. It is your time.