Healthy Stress-Free Holidays

by Keitha Story-Stephenson PhD
BlueSky Wellness Center

With the Holidays looming, stress piles up around us higher than the dishes on a Holiday table or than the gifts under the tree. Everyone you see appears burdened under the weight of expectations and limited by the lack of time. Too often our health takes a second place to the needs around us.

Some of you may deal with family scattered far away, some are faced with financial limitations, and many are overburdened with the busyness of your daily life. Here are a few changes you can make to create joy in season and strength in health.

·      Movement and Hydration – Get up and walk! Schedule exercise, movement hydration into your day. Absorb sunlight. Sunlight and movement help resolve this issue by reducing stress and providing better sleep. Hydration restores.

·      Push Here – Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests that you press on the hoku spot, found on the fleshy webbing between the thumb and pointer finger, for thirty seconds for upper body stress.

·      Get Your Party On - Spend time with family and friends enjoying time together. Start new traditions and celebrations

·      Inhale Deeply – The scent of citrus will boost your feelings of well-being and help alleviate stress by raising your norepinephrine levels. This hormone improves your resistance to stress. Place oranges, lemons and limes in an open bowl as a festive, table centerpiece.

·      Speak to the Hand – Learn to say “NO”. Over-committing your time will result in rushed efforts, short tempers and fatigue. You must take time to stop and relax. Enjoy the Holidays. Remember it’s meaning.

·      Stop, Look and Listen – To lower your stress, take time to slow down, look around and see the needs. Listen for a voice, crying out in need. Lower your stress by meeting the needs around you.