The Fifth Quality of Goal Achievement

The Fifth Quality of Goal Achievement 

Everyone says you need to make goals in order to be successful in life.  Your parents will tell you, your teachers, your spouse or partner – for sure your boss.  Organizations from churches to large corporations to small business owners make goals.  We have money goals, time goals, project goals even goals for how many children we want to have and a goal to have enough money to be able to send them to college.  We have goals for how long we want to live and how healthy we want to be, which leads to diet goals and exercise goals. 


BUT – Does making goals really work?  Yes, you may say – I made a goal to lose 20 lbs. and I did! Or I made a goal to get 5 new clients last month and I did!  On the other hand, there will be equally as many people who set the same kinds of goals and do not accomplish them.


Does that mean goal setting works for some and not for others?  If so, why not?  What’s the secret?


Here are 5 key points in achieving goals.


1.  Intention and commitment:  Goals are a funny thing.  If you make goals and then don’t purposefully carry through with them, they disappear.  And therein lays the problem.  You have to have the intention and the commitment to do them.  The thought of the goal – like losing weight or getting your blood pressure down by meditating daily is intriguing but the intention is nonchalant.  Wishing and hoping do not make goals happen.  You have to be committed.


2.  Emotional impact:  If the emotional impact of achieving the goal is lower than the need of having completed goal we won’t do them.  It’s always nice to get our taxes done but the work and stress entailed in doing them leads to procrastination – same with cleaning the garage or dealing with the negative employee. It’s not fun!  There is no passion. With passion comes want and desire and that stirs up intention and commitment.


3.  We don’t believe the goal could really happen. If you don’t think it’s possible you are not going to attempt it or you will use limited energy or just procrastinate until the goal goes away.  Your mindset has to be one of knowing you can accomplish the goal, believing in yourself.  When you believe in yourself - negativity goes away, you feel good about yourself and your emotions enhance your intention to complete the goal.

4.  Are your goals and personal values congruent?  Your personal values are at the very core of your being.  Values drive everything you do and if they are not in alignment with your goals, no matter how hard you work you will not be successful and you will have lots of stress.  For example:  your family value says you need to be home in the evenings to spend time with your kids but your job demands you work a 60 – 70 hour weeks.  You are in direct conflict with your family values and will have lots of stress and probably hate your job, have a heart attack and die and never be home in the evenings. 

5.  The final reason is; what is the give back quality of your goal?  This is the heart and reason of the goal and one we rarely consider.  If you want to book that extra client this month, you need to understand what’s in it for him and be happy for him.  The same is true for setting a goal of getting a new red sports car, you get your dream car and the sales person gets paid and supports his family and you can be happy for him.

 Without understanding and having the give back quality of the goal,

            1. Your goals will not be aligned with your values 

            2. You won’t believe you can really accomplish the goal 

            3. Your emotional response will be lacking

            4. Therefore your intention to carry through with the goal will wither and die,


If you understand and use this fifth quality of goal setting you will

1.      Be in alignment with your values and goals

2.      You will believe you can really accomplish the goal 

3.      Your emotions will be joyous because giving is the heart’s emotion. 

4.      If you lead with the heart everything is possible.

5.      Therefore the intention of the goal will be accomplished. 

The next time you set a goal ask yourself “what is the give back quality”. You may have to consider “is this the right goal for me?”